Why do attorneys and insurance adjustors use Rehab Analytics?

  • Gain an early strategic overview of medicolegal cases
  • Understand the nuances in medical records
  • Discover inconsistencies and red flags
  • Avoid surprises and pitfalls
  • Find the unspoken facts behind the case
  • Discuss the medical theory of your cases confidentially with an experienced physician
  • Locate peer-reviewed medical literature efficiently and cost-effectively


Upload a case today and discover how you can get a valuable strategic overview from a qualified physician for a reasonable fee. We can provide a cost-effective initial overview opinion and you can then choose if you want a detailed narrative report.

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Leverage Medical insight throughout your case

Rehab Analytics is an impeccably qualified, insightful team offering strategic analysis of your personal injury, medical malpractice, or disability claim case – at surprisingly cost-effective rates. We choose to work as consultants because we find that attorneys benefit from a physician advisor with whom they can candidly discuss the medical points of a case.

We can provide a full range of medicolegal analysis at reasonable flat rates quoted in advance, from a simple case review to screen for red flags to a fully detailed case chronology with literature references. We have particular expertise in disability-related and physical rehabilitation-related issues since the Principal of our firm is a practicing Mayo Clinic-trained physician with a specialty in physical medicine and rehabilitation.  Our online client portal makes this process efficient and cost-effective for us and for you. You can upload a case at any time, receive a response and quote within hours, and have your review, organization or annotation performed within days.

We are available to screen a case in its early phases, to assist with analysis during litigation or to respond on-call during trial when the medical record or medical literature must be researched. We can provide medical reviews of your expert witness reports or opposing counsel’s expert witness report — identify strengths, weaknesses, rebuttals and surprise smoking guns regarding the issues raised.

You can have a physician available, at reasonable rates, to discuss your case confidentially via email or phone. Our physicians are highly accessible by email, providing a quick response to your questions so you can move forward. Find out more about Rehab Analytics by visiting our resources page and client portal. You may also contact us directly to discuss your case.